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IHS Breeders Meeting Dates 2018


As we do evry year, we will be attending all three IHS Doncaster Beeders Meetings this year. We will be putting up posts on our Facebook and Instagram pages closer the events. Keep and eye out and let us know if there is anything unusual you are after and we will do our best to meet your requests.



Sunday 24th June

Sunday 23rd September

Sunday 4th November 


Saturday 9th December Christmas Opening Day 2017


We had our annual Christmas open day on Saturday 9th December. We had all of our animals in the shop available for handling as well as some from our personal collection. We had many families come along, many of which were holding and interacting with our Leopard Geckos, Royal Pythons, Reticulated Pythons, Small Animals and Invertabrates. 


For this year we had a massive special guest, our good friend Garath from " GARGS Animal Parties". They joined our open day at 3pm taking us to the end of the day. They brought down a huge range of rare and exotic animals. We had the plessure of seeing Meerkats, An Indian Fruit Bat, Armadillo, Skunk, Chincilla, Scops Owl and Many more. We had a huge turn out and a fantastic day, A good time was had by all our customers and staff alike.


We will have the photos of this amazing day for you to view in our gallery soon... 


Sunday 5th November IHS Reptile Show, Doncaster


Next weekend is the last IHS show of the year. We will be attending as always and already have some great animals ready to pick up. We are after more Lizards, Geckos, Frogs, Snakes and Invertabrates. We have a list ready on what we want to buy but if anyone wants us to look for something in particular please drop us a message and we will try our best.


Keep posted as next week we will update the website and Facebook page with all the animals we pick up.


Sunday 3rd September IHS Reptile Show, Doncaster


Last weekend we attended the busiest IHS show of the year. We always enjoy going to this event. We had fun catching up with fellow breeders old and new and seeing all the wonderful animals on show. This year we invested the most we ever have into this visit and have come away with some amazing animals. All are up for sale now.


Please visit the "Stock List" page to see our huge range of animals.


Shop To Close On A Tuesday 


Just a quick announcement on here as well as our Facebook page. We have decided to close the shop on a Tuesday. This is so we get a day to go to our suppliers, pick up stock and customer orders for the week and do a thorough clean on all the animals in store. We are still open as usual on all the regular days.

Sunday 25th June IHS Reptile Show, Doncaster


As we do every year we will be attending the IHS Breeders Meeting up in Doncaster. We find this show a great oppitunity to meet breeders from around the country and Europe and purchase new animals for the shop. We always aim to pick up some wonderful and unusual creatures but if there is anything anyone is after drop the shop a message on our Facebook page and we will see what we can do.


In the past we have got customers different species of snakes, chameleons, tortoises and invertabrates so please don't hesitate to ask.


We Have Added Another 100% Grain Free Food


We have recently added another grain free food to our store. Carnilove is a 70% meat and fish 30% fruit and vegetable complete dog food. We have had great feedback with our selection of grain free foods and this brand has a lower price band than others. Available in 1.5KG and 12KG bags and a variaty of flavours. Pop in today to talk about changing your dog to grain free. Trial bags also available.


Meet Our New Resident "Falkor" 


Here at Tails and Scales with have in store a new snake. Falkor is a 12 foot White Albino Tiger Reticulated Python. He may be a giant but he is a very friendly animal. He can be handled any day of the week but he is out the most on a Saturday. For those who want to learn more about snakes we will be feeding him on display as well. Come in and say hello to our new resident.


Sunday 1st November IHS Reptile Show, Doncaster


We attended the last IHS Reptile Show of the year. We arrived at the show bright and early with our IHS business passes in hand. This show is full of reptile enthusiasts and experts alike. We always like to be a part of the shows as it helps us find new and exciting stock to sell at the shop. We have acquired some rare and unsual animals for our own collections which will soon be ready to breed and share with all of you. 


Next year we will be attending all three shows again and can not wait.


Saturday 24th October One Year Anniversary Celebrations


We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who came down to the shop this past weekend to celebrate our one year anniversary. We have alot to exciting events lined up around Christmas and the New Year. Having an event day was a great opportunity to meet customers and show what types of animals and products we sell. We would like to do one every two months to get people involved in what we love doing here at Tails and Scales. 


Keep your eyes posted on here and our Facebook page for updates


Sunday 20th September IHS Reptile Show, Doncaster


We will be attending the IHS Reptile Show this weekend to pick up some new stock for the store. After the event we will have lots more dry goods for sale and our main priority is Tortoises. These will all be for sale from Monday 21st September.


Tails & Scales Website is Now LIVE!


We have finally set up our website and as well as our Facebook page you can find out all of our news and updates on here. Will be have weekly updates on livestock and new products available in store. 


We will also be advertising any in store events and show and tell days. 


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